Playwriting Contest

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Past Winners

2015: James Caputo,
‘The Miracle of Ballydonal’

2014: David B Carren,

2013:  Elizabeth Bagby,
‘Quartet and Fugue’

2012: Eugenie Carabatsos,

2010: Phillip Hall,
‘Private Proceeding’

2009: David Lassig,
‘Who? Maid? Who?’

2008: William S.E. Coleman,
‘One Golden Moment’

2007: John Morogiello,
‘Stonewall’s Bust’

2006: Anne Flanagan,

2005: Linda Escalera Baggs,
‘Harps & Harmonicas’

2003: Mark Steven Jensen,
‘The Benevolent Women’s Craft Society’

Mountain Playhouse International Comedy Playwriting Contest

The Playwriting Contest is currently under reconstruction. Look for the new structure in March 2017.

2015 Contest Winner

The Mountain Playhouse is proud to announce the 2015 winner of the International Comedy Playwriting Contest.  James Caputo, of San Diego, submitted the original comedy The Miracle of Ballydonal that took top honor.  He was awarded $1,000 and the Playhouse conducted a live reading of the play during the 2016 Perform-A-Thon.

In addition, The Miracle of Ballydonal was also a top ten finalist for the 2015 Reva Shiner Comedy Award.  It includes a bit of humor, a bit of romance, a bit of fairy tale and a “wee bit” of irreverence.  Taking place in the remote Irish village of Ballydonal, this two act comedy is a hilarious modern twist of the nativity story that takes place in a pub… complete with three drunk men – One Shot, Saint Jack and Finn Begone – and a Madonna named Eileen.  Despite the twists and turns of this fairytale farce, in the end it is through the healing nature of forgiveness, redemption, love and family that a true miracle is achieved.

2016 Contest

Thank you to all of the playwrights who have submitted their work – there are more than 100 entries and the committee is carefully reading each one! An announcement will be made in April.