Neil Simon's Comic Suites

World Premiere Arrangement . Written by Neil Simon

The Mountain Playhouse is pleased to be the first theater to present this arrangement of playlets taken from each of Neil Simon’s “Suite” plays: Plaza SuiteCalifornia Suite and London Suite. Producer Teresa Stoughton Marafino selected playlets from the collections and proposed the Comic Suites to Mr. Simon. The bard, himself, approved the arrangement as follows:

The Visitor from Forest Hills (Plaza Suite): Comedy abounds in this portrait of a married couple, Roy and Norma Hubley, on daughter Mimsey’s wedding day. In a rush of nervousness, Mimsey has locked herself in the suite’s bathroom and refuses to leave. Her parents’ frantically attempt to cajole her into attending her own wedding while the gathered guests await the trio’s arrival downstairs.

Conservative middle-aged businessman Marvin Michaels is The Visitor from Philadelphia (California Suite), who awakens to discover a prostitute named Bunny unconscious in his bed after consuming a bottle of vodka. With his wife Millie on her way up to the suite, he must find a way to conceal all traces of his uncharacteristic indiscretion.

The Visitors from Chicago (California Suite) are two affluent couples who are best friends. The Franklyns and Hollenders are taking a much-needed vacation together. Things begin to unravel quickly when Mrs. Hollender is hurt during a mixed doubles tennis match and Mr. Hollender accuses Mr. Franklin of having caused her injury by lobbing the ball.

The hotel guests in The Man on the Floor (London Suite) are a married couple from New York who are in London for the Wimbledon Championships. Their plans are put on hold, however, when Anne loses the tickets, Mark’s back gives out, and they are asked to move because they have accidentally been given Kevin Costner’s suite who insists on occupying the suite immediately!