Church Basement Ladies | Oct 1 - 13

Musical . Written by Greta Grosch . Music & Lyrics by Drew Jansen and Dennis Curley
October 1 - 13, 2013

They are servin’ it up again in the Church Basement Kitchen with the sequel to the highly popular musical comedy Church Basement Ladies. This time around, the year is 1969 and the world is changing. As folks protest the Vietnam War and woman are demanding equal pay for equal work, in their small rural Minnesota community, the ladies of the Lutheran church basement kitchen are dealing with changes of their own. The Church Basement Ladies take us from serving the High School students at the Luther League Banquet to a church sponsored Missionary Night, to the rise and fall of the Viking’s Super Bowl Sunday. From the elderly matriarch of the kitchen to the young mom-to-be, these women find strength in each other as they deal with the upheavals and joys from below the House of God! “You’ll laugh until your sidedish hurts” with their frolicsome antics and down-to-earth charm from within the church basement.

Inspired by the best-selling book Growing Up Lutheran by Janet Martin and Suzann Nelson