Readers' Forum 7-17 | Nothing to do? Try Mountain Playhouse


July 17, 2013

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Anyone who says that there is nothing to do in the Greater Johnstown area needs to look no further than Jennerstown and the historic Mountain Playhouse, nestled in a bucolic setting in the beautiful Laurel Highlands.

As if this former log and stucco gristmill is not enough to make the drive for, there is more.

On July 10, my spouse and I, along with our guests, attended the showing of "Neil Simon's Comic Suites." This is a compilation of comic scenes from "Plaza Suite," "London Suite" and "California Suite."

And, uniquely, it was the Mountain Playhouse that worked with Simon in pulling this montage together.

Not bad for a small regional theater in the Johnstown outskirts.

I moved here three years ago, having spent 24 years in New York City, where I attended Broadway two to three times yearly. This show proved that you don't have to be in the Big Apple to have top- quality entertainment.

The actors are from New York City, and their performances are flawless.

Anyone over the age of 25 is going to relate to the various predicaments, and humor, in a side-splitting laughing manner.

It's simply great. And I want to shout to the world about it.

"Comic Suites" is only on until July 21, so please, quit complaining about nothing to see or do and check this out.

Here is a video that I found online from the Mountain Playhouse website:


Rebecca Brubaker Roberts